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The Artist’s Link


There are so many artists out there who have a talent worth showing to the world, but just don’t have the reach to get their name out there.  I strongly believe in networking and I think we as artist’s need to stick together to create an open community using the most vast resource we have: the internet.  Every time I find a hidden talent I feel needs to be found, I will feature them on my site so the link starts.

And if you want to have your art featured on my site, send me your story!  I will put you on my Featured Artists and post something about you and your art.  The point of this project is to create a chain.  So do your part and hopefully someone will do the same for you.  One person sees your work on my site, posts in on their site, which catches the attention of their followers, and so on and so forth.

The link can start anywhere, just as long as it keeps growing.  I encourage you to find artists you admire or think need a helping hand, put a good word out to the universe, and feel good that you are one of the few human beings who are passionate about something.  And please, please don’t forget to link to their page and don’t be afraid to name drop.

Grab this button and share your love of art on your site!

The Artist's Link
<div align="center"><a href="" title="The Artist's Link"><img src="" alt="The Artist's Link" style="border:none;" /></a></div

You can find my Featured Artists on my Featured Artists page or listed here:


 Stephanie Vaughan – WiredAntiks


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