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These are my favorite out of my monoprints.


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Serenity and triangles

I finished my sailing painting for class.  Now I have all spring break (while I’m not doing Bio homework and sleeping) to work on other art!

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The start of something

I’m practicing what I’m going to paint for my next class project.  I think I’ve got a solid idea.  Now I know what I need to change and focus on.

I took another old piece I made back in ’06 and painted over it.  It had wire in it, but the holes were too small to be a bother.

I’ve painted a sailboat before and I really liked the idea of doing a series.  I think this is the beginning of something wonderful.


Old paintingDSC06663 DSC06667 DSC06669 DSC06673

The triangles are to fit the criteria of the assignment, and I thought they would look cool.  I’m trying to go more abstract.  It’s happening slowly.