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Back in the printing game.

I participated in a print market this weekend and thought I would make some new prints. I ended up producing a lot of monotypes and made some small linocuts. It was an awesome event and now I am a little high on success.



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Metals Final

Our final project was stone setting.  I have to be honest, by this point I just wanted to do something easy that wasn’t going to kill me before the semester was over.  I also made it so I could remove the stone piece and just have the flowers.  Don’t mind the chain, it’s just there to show it’s a necklace.

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The Necklace

Our second project in metals was to create a necklace or bracelet using rivets.  Naturally I came up with an asymmetrical poppy necklace.  This was one of those pieces where I had to take a mistake and turn it into an asset.


Shoulder Tattoo Design

I have a lot of tattoo ideas, but it takes me forever to make a decision about anything, especially something as permanent as a tattoo, so in the mean time, I just design the tattoos I want.  I wanted butterflies on one shoulder and I wanted a compass on the back of my neck and I wanted flowers on my other shoulder, but I didn’t want my back to be covered and I didn’t want it to look so symmetrical.  Then I was inspired to put them all together in one tattoo!  Right now it may be a bit too detailed, but this is the general idea.


One day, when I have money to spare, I finally decide I am okay with forever, and I find a suitable tattoo artist I trust will do exactly what I want, this will go on the back of my shoulder.  One day.


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More Poppies

I went to The Mad Potter the other day with my sister and painted a mug!  I was just saying how I wanted a bigger mug because I want more coffee, more tea!  And now I have one!  With Poppies on it!  You can never have too many mugs…

So far, I’ve painted 2 mugs, 1 teacup and saucer, 1 bowl, 2 cats and 1 egg.  Maybe I’ll post another “blast from the past” post and show you the things I’ve painted at pottery painting studios.  But I don’t have those pictures ready, so for now I’ll just show my latest creation.



Yeah, the splice isn’t the greatest.  I just quickly shot the pictures and thought of doing this after I put them on my computer.  Oh well.  You get the idea.DSC06787

It’s the details that count.


Watercolor experimenting

You know I love black ink pens, but I also love watercolor.  I have been afraid to try it out ’cause I’ve never had luck with it before, (I’ve mainly been working with coffee and tea) but it turned out pretty nice I think.  I went out and bought some proper watercolor paper!  Just goes to show, you never know until you try.

PoppiesWatercolor1 PoppiesWatercolor2

On another note, I’m almost done with my sailing painting from school.  It’s looking very different.  So far, good feedback.

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Poppies Tattoo

I started drawing these a long time ago and I eventually redrew and colored them in Photoshop.  I really want one tattooed on my arm.