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I just opened a twitter account. It may have been on accident, but it happened. I think I’m going to use it for announcing shows and new projects and stuff.

So go follow me!


How to Sail Process Panels

ProcessPanels3-01 ProcessPanels3-02 ProcessPanels3-03 ProcessPanels3-04 ProcessPanels3-05 ProcessPanels3-06

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Summer Semester

We had a month to work on four projects. So a week for each project. It was very challenging but I like what came out of it.

Travel Icons and Poster


Music PosterSiaMusicPosterVersion6-72bpi

Crafter’s Zine Spread

CraftersCover1-01 CrafterZine CrafterZine2 CrafterZine3

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My last project of the semester. We had to pick an animal and create a series of four stamps with that animal while portraying a time shift through each stamp. I picked an elk. My board ended up being 47.5″x10.5″ with each stamp being 10.5″x6.5″.

I used hand-cut paper and watercolor.

ElkStampMorning ElkStampAfternoon ElkStampSunset ElkStampNight



This is how I had to cover it…. This thing was almost as tall as I am.2015-05-06 17.58

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Smoothie shop design

I’ve been working on this for a little while now.  I haven’t finished the website design, but I wanted to get there out there so I would feel closer to being done.  I feel a lot lighter knowing that all this is already done.  I’ll put the website out separately later.  Go look at my Behance page for basically the same thing.

TheSqueezeLogoDesign_Page_2 DSC07594 DSC07679 SmoothieLogoPreview

This idea of inspiring words around the cup is from Masaru EmotoDSC07680 SmoothieIconsPreview DSC07681 TheSqueezeAppPreview TheSqueezeAppPreview2-1 TheSqueezeLogoDesign_Page_3 TheSqueezeDrinkCarrier SmoothieIcons-04 TheSqueezeTShirt TheSqueezeWindowSign2 SmoothieIcons-06

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This was for my digital art class.  We took photos of silhouettes and manipulated them in photoshop and some in illustrator.

Some of my pieces are featured here.

JessieVittoria_Caution.Wires UrbanSilhouette CitySilhouette CoolChevronBridge JessieVittoria_BridgeToConstruction JessieVittoria_ImpressionisticAngles JessieVittoria_OnAWire