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Reduction Butterflies

I never posted the process for this print, so here it is.

This is a reduction print, which means each color is carved away to KEEP that color. First you carve out all the whites then print the lightest color first. You run your whole edition in that one color before carving out the second color.

Then you carve away everywhere you want to KEEP that first lightest color. Then print your edition, and so on, until your last color. Your block is left with the last color you printed, so you can’t replicate that print anymore, which makes it SPECIAL! That edition of 16 or however many is the only edition in existence!

IMG_20151020_133119 IMG_20151023_115523 IMG_20151028_015549 IMG_20151103_171649



Shoulder Tattoo Design

I have a lot of tattoo ideas, but it takes me forever to make a decision about anything, especially something as permanent as a tattoo, so in the mean time, I just design the tattoos I want.  I wanted butterflies on one shoulder and I wanted a compass on the back of my neck and I wanted flowers on my other shoulder, but I didn’t want my back to be covered and I didn’t want it to look so symmetrical.  Then I was inspired to put them all together in one tattoo!  Right now it may be a bit too detailed, but this is the general idea.


One day, when I have money to spare, I finally decide I am okay with forever, and I find a suitable tattoo artist I trust will do exactly what I want, this will go on the back of my shoulder.  One day.