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How to Sail Process Panels

ProcessPanels3-01 ProcessPanels3-02 ProcessPanels3-03 ProcessPanels3-04 ProcessPanels3-05 ProcessPanels3-06


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From the Sea

Here is my second silkscreen project. I am really excited about this one. Everything went so well! I don’t know a title yet though because I am the worst at titling things. Any ideas? Right now it “From the Sea.”


This one was a test print for each color, but I ended up really liking it.OldManTestPrint

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Here are my first projects from Relief and Silkscreen. These are also both for sale, as most of my prints are. I will have them at this year’s Holiday Montrose Print Market.

This first one is from relief. It is a linocut, which was very difficult because it was the yellow linoleum and not the gray and because it was so thin it was hard to clear out the negative space without any noise.




This one is from silkscreen. The theme was monsters. There is a hidden background color.

10×10 (with mat)TheThemeIsMonster

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Summer Semester

We had a month to work on four projects. So a week for each project. It was very challenging but I like what came out of it.

Travel Icons and Poster


Music PosterSiaMusicPosterVersion6-72bpi

Crafter’s Zine Spread

CraftersCover1-01 CrafterZine CrafterZine2 CrafterZine3

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Back in the printing game.

I participated in a print market this weekend and thought I would make some new prints. I ended up producing a lot of monotypes and made some small linocuts. It was an awesome event and now I am a little high on success.


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My last project of the semester. We had to pick an animal and create a series of four stamps with that animal while portraying a time shift through each stamp. I picked an elk. My board ended up being 47.5″x10.5″ with each stamp being 10.5″x6.5″.

I used hand-cut paper and watercolor.

ElkStampMorning ElkStampAfternoon ElkStampSunset ElkStampNight



This is how I had to cover it…. This thing was almost as tall as I am.2015-05-06 17.58