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Intermediate Painting Part 1

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So I am starting on my 6th week in my new school and I have finished 4 painting, 2 of which are part of a diptych.  I have had no time for anything outside of school.  My design classes are taking over my life, we have a critique every day.  In my painting class we are supposed to finish a painting each week, but as you may know, I am a very slow painter.  I have a lot on my plate right now and tomorrow I have an Art History test covering Early Christian to French Baroque… So I thought this would be a good time to post something on here…

I usually show my process, but because each painting took me about 6 hours (3 hours each class (which is unheard-of for me)) there isn’t much to show, except for the shell painting.  That one took me longer ’cause it was hard, yo… Way more difficult than I thought.  So if that is something that interests you, you can request the process for that one, but I feel like no one really cares.  So…


This one was deconstructing candy packaging. ^


This is the diptych. ^


This one was a grid project, obviously. ^

I’m thinking maybe later, when I have a little bit of a break, I might post something about life as an art student if that is something that interests anyone.  I just thought it would be cool cause that is something I would want to read so I figure maybe I’m not the only one.  You can see a few things relating to school I’ve put on Instagram, kinda fun stuff, maybe.  I used to be crazy about Instagram, but now I barely have time for that.  The amount of time I DO NOT have will probably be included in the school post.  SPOILER!


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