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NaNoDrawMo – Day 1, Drawings: 3

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It is day 1 of NaNoDrawMo!  And day 70 something-or-other of not having a scanner…

I have decided to just draw whatever I want because I’m not always going to have access to the internet to see the EDM list.  But I will still use it sometimes.  I have the list going though a random picker thing I found on the interwebs.  I do what I want!

Drawing1-Pumpkins Drawing2-Lemons Drawing3-Toothpaste


Author: Jessie Vittoria

Graphic Design student working freelance.

One thought on “NaNoDrawMo – Day 1, Drawings: 3

  1. Paige is going to participate! Yay! So will I. I can scan my drawings at work.

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