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NaNoDrawMo 2013 – What I’ll need

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I have put together everything I will need to be ready for NaNoDrawMo!

What I’ll need:

  1. 7×10″ notebook.
  2. Pencils and an eraser. I am just using a 6B and H for a nice variety.SONY DSC
  3. A pencil sharpener.  Very important.SONY DSC
  4. Pens.
  5. Colored pencils. (I also have a colored pencil blender.)SONY DSC
  6. Watercolors and brushes.
  7. A flat, easily store-able water container (you can get water from anywhere).SONY DSC

So that’s what I will be carrying around with me all November.  I can’t wait!  What else could I add to my art bag?


Author: Jessie Vittoria

Graphic Design student working freelance.

One thought on “NaNoDrawMo 2013 – What I’ll need

  1. A fashionable barrette to set your mood, a bottle of pinot noir for thirst and a baguette for sustenance!

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