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2013 Houston Fine Art Fair


I know this happened a couple weeks ago, but I forget to post anything about it anywhere…

On Sept 22 I was invited to go to the Houston Fine Art Fair in downtown Houston and of course I said yes!  It was AMAZING!  There was sooo much to look at and I I loved getting to meet some of the artists.  We made it through the whole fair and looked at every single piece.  We could take pictures, but I was still a little afraid to take pictures of art.  You can’t usually take photos in a gallery.  I don’t have all of the artist’s names, but if you go to you can see everyone who was there.

After that, Kim and I went across the street to Discovery Green and watched an Australian act called Strange Fruit.

This weekend I am going to the Texas Contemporary Art Fair and I will be sure to post pictures sooner this time.


Author: Jessie Vittoria

Graphic Design student working freelance.

2 thoughts on “2013 Houston Fine Art Fair

  1. Fantastic images! The parrott is awesome! Houston really has a lot of cool things going on! Thanks for sharing 🙂 ~ Global Jewelry

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