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Hey!  You may have noticed I added some links on my site.  The featured artists area is a new spot where I show artist’s blogs who I admire and think needs some recognition.

WiredAntiks is a new blog by a local artist (and a close relative) who is not so new to the arts.  She has been around the Caribbean Sea and back, creating art as she goes.  Now, she is sporting her newly obtained degree in Interior Design at Eklektik Interiors and trying to continue her art on the side.  Like all artists, there is nothing more she would love than to sell her creations.  I know as well as anyone what it is like to be a working artist.  We are a thriving group.


So definitely go check out her new site.  Eventually she will be set up to sell her art from her blog, but give her a little time to get everything together.  WiredAntiksBlogArtScrnsht

Society6 is where I sell my art in the form of products like stationary, shirts, phone cases, art prints, and other very necessary things.


So go look at that if you like my ink cards and other graphic art.  I am going to try to get some more ink pen drawings on there soon, but I am in school again so my time is being stolen from me.


The Artist’s Link Project

I strongly believe in networking, especially for artists.  The internet is a “godsend” for starving artists and I think we should use the crap out of it.  If you want to have your art featured on my site then send me your story!  I will put you on my Featured Artists and post something about you and your art.  I know, I don’t have an extremely large following, but I want to help somehow and hopefully start a trend.

This is a give and take exercise, so I encourage you to find artists you admire or think need a helping hand, put a good word out to the universe and feel good that you are one of the few human beings who are passionate about something. I also believe in giving credit where credit is due, so please, please don’t forget to link to their page and don’t be afraid to name drop.  I can’t tell you how much it irritates me when I see a wonderful piece of art, look to see who the artist is, and it’s nowhere to be found!

The point of this project is to create a chain.  So do your part and hopefully someone will do the same for you.  The artist community of the world needs to stick together.



Author: Jessie Vittoria

Graphic Design student working freelance.

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