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Taking a break

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So I can only work on one painting for so long.  I am working on my school project, which is a huge portrait, but I needed a break after working on it most of the day.  I decided to take an old painting I did in ’06 that I really had no need for anymore and paint over it.  I wanted to try doing a portrait without worrying about how perfect it looked.  I have a really hard time just painting loosely.  I have to make it look exactly like I see it.  Of course, this little exercise didn’t really help me…  I still obsessed over the details.

I didn’t want to use flesh color so I painted the Halloween portrait I made in Photoshop.  I used acrylic on canvas.  The canvas was only 8×6″ so it didn’t take me too long.  About 4 1/2 hours.


You can sort of see the old painting underneath.  I didn’t bother painting over it completely.


Kinda looks like a cross between the Joker and Michael Jackson now :p

DSC06613And here it is finished.  Not as “loose” as I wanted it, but it looks good.  It was a nice break.


It’s miniscule!!

So what did I learn?  I can paint anything I can make in Photoshop.  This is really good news.


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