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8 shades of grey

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First painting for class.  (It’s a made up thing so don’t even try guessing what it is.  It ended up being the love child of a zebra and a tiger…) We had to do the 10 grey values in a creative way.  He didn’t want us to just do the line of blocks like you do in color theory.  This way we really learned how to mix color as we would when we were painting a subject.


He said I got 8 out of ten values, which was more than anyone else in the class, though I thought some of the others had more…  It’s not that great ’cause it was one of those things I had to come up with on the spot.  I’m not good at that.  But I am learning how to paint faster!  This only took me 3 days to finish!

This next project we started today has more stipulations and is on a bigger canvas 24×30 (the one above is 23×18).  It doesn’t sound that much bigger, but it is @.@

I’ve already drawn it on the board, which took a while ’cause it’s so big and the original sketch was on a tiny piece of paper.  I’ll post my process when I’m finished, if it turns out okay enough to show…


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