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My last project of the semester. We had to pick an animal and create a series of four stamps with that animal while portraying a time shift through each stamp. I picked an elk. My board ended up being 47.5″x10.5″ with each stamp being 10.5″x6.5″.

I used hand-cut paper and watercolor.

ElkStampMorning ElkStampAfternoon ElkStampSunset ElkStampNight



This is how I had to cover it…. This thing was almost as tall as I am.2015-05-06 17.58

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Shadow Box

We had to recreate a book cover using cut paper in a shadow box. I chose The Great Gatsby.


Photo by Tom So

My color professor put my Munny and my Shadow Box in the student open studio exhibit. My friend’s box is on the left. She is also amazing.


And then my perspective drawing teacher scanned and enlarged my drawing (middle) and hung it in the drawing room.20150424_181744e

I feel pretty good.

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Color Theory – Munny

New semester = new projects!

This Semester I am in Color Theory and our first project was to create a character with a color theme and paint it onto this little guy. I chose a split complimentary of blue-violet, orange, and blue-green.DiverSketch

20150223_123936e20150223_131709  My make-shift light studio…SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

We had to take one picture with filtered light.SONY DSC

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Another late principles post. We had to take a survey about a sense and we chose sound. Then we had to make a poster about it. I made the whole thing out of cut paper.

20141123_023731e 20141124_142934e2 20141122_031412e 20141122_031428e 20141122_031533e

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Really late post! Panel project for design principles from Fall 2014.

Scan-141008-0001_Page_11 Scan-141009-0001_Page_1 Scan-141009-0001_Page_4 20141022_142837e 20141022_142929e 20141022_142951e 20141022_143021e 20141022_140316e 20141022_143253e

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Final Painting

My final painting of the semester and probably ever.

I used the popsicles from my design principles project for the background.

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Mark Making Tool

I’m finally posting a design project!  This was my first project in my design principles class.  We had to make a mark making device and a series of marks created form our marks. I went through 3 prototypes.

defd210e749f01a4c5ab9361ace253df SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

We had to bind our sketches in a book.  I didn’t have room on the tables for all the pages…


DSC07962 DSC07963 DSC07964 DSC07965 DSC07966

Then we had to pick a word and make a poster.DesignPosterEcho_Page_2


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