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Metals Final

Our final project was stone setting.  I have to be honest, by this point I just wanted to do something easy that wasn’t going to kill me before the semester was over.  I also made it so I could remove the stone piece and just have the flowers.  Don’t mind the chain, it’s just there to show it’s a necklace.

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The Woodblock

For my Printmaking final we carved a woodblock as a group and printed it at Rockin Rollin Prints at Saint Arnold Brewing Co. this past Sunday.

I went with most of my class and my professor and we volunteered all day.  It was really hot and most of us were filling in for all the people who didn’t show up, but it was really fun!  I can’t wait for next year so I can make my own block!


Hollow Beads

I’ve been kind of behind because finals are just around the corner and things have been due and I have been doing things left and right.  (So I don’t procrastinate, I am going to go ahead and post all the things that have happened while I have a second so I don’t put it off anymore.)


Just a few updates first:

1. You may have seen on my facebook page, I won an Honorable Mention for my Metal’s Poppy Necklace.

DSC07932e DSC07927e

2. I got an instagram account!  I have a feed on here (this blog) if you scroll down.  But follow me if you want to see yummy food, my dog, and all the cool art things I do ’cause sometimes it is just easier to put it on there instead of getting on here.  I’m just networking out of the wazoo!


I have finished my Hollow Bead project.  We had to make two “beads” that had some relationship to each other, physical or conceptual.  I went with an aquatic theme for my necklace charms.  I hope you can tell.

20140421_125256e 20140421_125302e20140421_125635e


Stay Calm – Etching

My etching is finally done!  You don’t know, but I have been working on this for some time.  There are a lot of steps and a lot of ways to mess up.  I made an edition of 5.


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